The Ann Wood-Kelly Memorial Scholarship

For Advanced Training- Established in 1987 and funded by the Aero Club of New England. The Anne Wood-Kelly scholarship was one of the inaugural awards and has been given each year since 1987. The Aero Club of New England funds it annually to honor its noted World War II aviatrix. Ann served during the war by flying the only way an American woman could - with the British Air Transport Auxiliary. From 1942 to 1945 she ferried over 75 types of aircraft from factories in England to bases in Britain and the continent. Ann later became Pan American Airways first female Vice President. In 1965, Ann also became ACONE’s first female president. In 1996 the Aero Club honored her with the Godfrey L. Cabot Award. Ann has an active interest in aviation and the Aero Club, and maintains her instrument rating.

Aero Club of New England

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