The Andrew Channing Cabot Memorial Scholarship

For Primary Training- Established in 1997 and funded by Hal and Michelee Cabot. The Cabot Memorial Scholarship was established by the Cabots to celebrate the memory of their son, Andrew Channing Cabot, (1971-1993). A graduate of Deerfield Academy, Andrew was a poet, singer, and keyboard musician, writing original pieces for productions in both high school and college. Andrew and his ‘Varsity Band’ also produced a locally well received CD. At Emory University he was elected to the National Theater Honor Society for his acting and his contributions to musical theater. As well as logging many right seat hours with his parents over the years, Andrew was a student pilot. Once, while on an IFR to VFR climb out in a spectacular skyscraper he gazed awestruck and said, "Wow! God really must love pilots best!"

Aero Club of New England Board

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