The North American F-86 Sabre, renowned as the first U.S. swept-wing fighter, played a pivotal role in the Korean War, countering the Soviet MiG-15 in historic jet-to-jet battles. Despite development in the late 1940s and its eventual obsolescence, the F-86's adaptability led to a production run exceeding 7,800 aircraft, serving as a front-line fighter in various air forces. Its success extended globally, with production in the United States, Japan, Italy, Canada, and Australia. The Canadair Sabre and CAC Sabre variants further contributed to its status as the most-produced Western jet fighter, with a total production of 9,860 units. The F-86's legacy endures as one of the best and most significant fighters of its era.


Manufacturer: North American Aviation

Year: 1953

Model: F-86F-30-NA Sabre

Registration Number: N186AM

Serial Number: 52-5012 - Mfg. c/n 191-708

Crew: 1

Max T/O Weight: 13,791 lb.

Span: 37 ft. 1 in.

Length: 37 ft. 6 in.

Height: 14 ft. 8 in.

Maximum Speed: 685 mph

Cruise Speed: 550 mph

Rate of Climb: 9,850 ft/min

Power Plant: 1 x General Electric J47-GE-27 turbojet with 5,200 lbs. of thrust

Range: 1,200 mi

Service Ceiling: 49,000 ft.

Armament: Six 0.50-cal machine guns

From Planes of Fame https://planesoffame.org/aircraft/plane-F-86F

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