The Douglas AD-1 Skyraider, a single-seat attack bomber, served as a post-World War II successor to dive bombers. Entering service in 1946, it became a cornerstone in U.S. Navy and Marine Corps sorties during the Korean War, outperforming contemporary jets with its extended flying time and formidable weapons load. By 1965, while slated for replacement by the A-6A Intruder, the Skyraider remained a vital medium attack aircraft. It played a crucial role in the early strikes against North Vietnam before being succeeded by the A-7 Corsair II and A-37 Dragonfly in naval and air force services. The Skyraider found new life in the Vietnam Air Force (VNAF) as it was released from U.S. Navy service, also gaining fame for its "Sandy" helicopter escort missions in combat search and rescue operations. Production continued until 1957, with a total of 3,180 Skyraiders built. Despite its retirement in the 1970s, the Skyraider left an indelible mark, serving as a versatile and enduring aircraft in the evolving landscape of military aviation.


Manufacturer: Douglas Aircraft Company Model: AD-1 Engines: One Wright R-3350-26WA Radial Piston 2,700 HP Length: 38 ft. 10 in. Height: 15 ft. 8.25 in. Wingspan: Folded: 23 ft. 11.18 in. Extended: 50 ft. 0.25 in. Weight: Empty: 10,987 lbs. Max Takeoff: ~ 16,572 lbs. Performance: Range: 900 miles Ceiling: 25,500 ft. Max Speed at 18,000 ft: 320 MPH

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